Three Reasons Why Apple is Overvalued

Some analysts say Apple’s stock is worth a 1 000 dollars. I doubt it. Here are three reasons why Apple’s victory march will be halted.

Steve Jobs is Dead    
Jobs was a god and a role model not only for the staff of Apple but also for the customers. The future creativity of the company is in doubt.

Profit Margins Are Shrinking
You might not see it in the numbers yet, but competition in the smartphone market is fierce. So fierce that Nokia has practically given phones for free. Samsung, HTC, ZTE and other companies are marching in with lower prices. You must be a fool to believe that iPhone could survive the squeeze without any damage in China, India, and other emerging markets. iPad will be shaken by the same storm.

iPhone is Tehnically Inferior
iPhone used to be the n:o 1 User Friendly Phone but now it´s in the class of “also ran”. iPhone has suffered many technical issues such as poor radio technology. It is the only phone that has to be put in diapers or wear a condom over it in order to get a good reception. American analysts and customers are just plain mad to accept this from the most admired and valued company. Why should anybody pay more to get less?